Sunday, December 28, 2008

The Little Things I sent that lovely letter to my family earlier this month and Marianna (my momma) sent back a response on Christmas Eve ( a pretty good Christmas present=)) She gave me some insights to (or should that be for? Oh well, grammar was never one of my strengths=)) my life in Vico Equense.

1. I will definitely be on the coast. Something new to me=)) I've always like visiting coasts (at least warm ones, like Santa Cruz) and my house is a couple miles from the beach. In fact my school is 5 blocks away from the beach. And the water is clear! I'm a bit (alright, more than a bit) afraid of the ocean. Why would anyone ever walk into an enormous pool of water, when you can't see the bottom? There could be man-eating fish and unknown holes and drop-offs; it's creepy. So it's GREAT that the water is clear!

2. School: Claudia (which is actually pronounced Cloud-ia) will be in the same grade as me, even though she is a year younger than I am, due to the Italians have 5 years of high school. We have school 6 days a week , Monday through Saturday, from 8AM to 2PM. Short days, but school on Saturdays will be horrible=))

3. Vico Equense has about the same temp as California (my Papa and I actually followed the parallel latitude lines on the globe and my peninsula lines up with Chico.)

4. Both my momma and Claudia speak I'm not in that bad of a fix. I'm still going to cram as much Italian study as possible into the next month.

So, those are the little things that make me happy=)) I only have a month left.........

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