Monday, December 15, 2008

One weekend, a LOT of surprises

Wow, this weekend I got a ton of surprises! So get overwhelming!

Number One! As you all know, I got my host family! I am very excited to get to live in Vico Equense with the Di Martinos. We've scoured the internat looking for pictures and more information about the town. There's not much, but between the links about hotels, so we've gathered that the town is a little costal village, right on the water. My mom sees it like the Monterey Bay; Naples is at the top of the Bay of Naples, Vico Equense towards the bottom of the curve. I got my travel information! Here's my international flight iterniray:
1/29/2009 Departs New York/Kennedy Airport 7:15PM
Arrives Paris/Charles De Gaulle Airport 8:40AM on 1/30/2009
1/30/2009 Departs Paris/Charles De Gaulle Airport 11:15AM
Arrives Rome/Fiumicino Airport 1:20PM on 1/30/2009
7/5/2009 Departs Rome/Fiumicino Airport 7:20AM
Arrives Paris/Charles De Gaulle Airport 9:30AM on 7/5/2009
7/5/2009 Departs Paris/Charles De Gaulle Airport 1:30PM
Arrives New York/Kennedy Airport 3:35PM on 7/5/2009
It basically means that on July 5th, I'll be pulling a very LONG overnighter=)) And as most of you all know, I LIKE to sleep.
I have to be a the Doubletree Hotel JFK Hotel in New York at 4:00PM on 1/28/2009 for my orientation before I leave. That means my last day of school will most likely be Monday Jan. 26! Only a month and a half!! YAY!!!!

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kendrasitalianlife said...

WOW its cool to see my return date but if i do say so my self its WAY to soon I want more time!! and it means you will be pulling a long overnighter in January not in July.. in july it will be the same day when we arrive in nyc that it was in italy but when you arrive in tialy it will still be the day before in the usa.. turst me its KILLER sleep if you can on the plane