Friday, December 12, 2008

GUESS WHAT?! I now have a host, I'm a little too excited to talk. And the most exciting thing, my advisor didn't think I would find out until January! Here's the details:

City: Vico Equense
My Family: Mamma : Mrs. Marianna Di Martino
Nonni (Grandmother): Mrs. Giovanna Costabile
My Sister: Claudia Di Biagio

I just emailed them this letter:

Ciao famiglia

Come state? Sono molto bene! Mi chiamo Kaitlyn Fuqua, io sono di Placerville, California, Stati Uniti d'America. Io ho sedici anni. Non parlo italiano molto bene. Sto cercando di imparare l'italiano. Per favore mi dica su di voi. Avete domande su di me? Sono molto eccitato per vedere tutti voi!

sinceramente Kaitlyn

In English:

Hello family

How are you? I am very good. My name is Kaitlyn Fuqua, I live in Placerville, California, USA. I am sixteen years old. I don't speak Italian very well. I am trying to learn Italian. Please tell me about yourselves. Do you have any questions about me? I am very excited to see you all!

Sincerely Kaitlyn

Whew....I really am SOOOO excited! Does anyone have any questions for me? Just comment on this blog....I'm leaving in a month and half!!!!!

Love you all, Kaitlyn

***Revision!** To all who have asked, I DON'T speak Italian that fluently. I used a translator=))

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kendrasitalianlife said...


you are in an amazing location kaitlin right next to napoli!! and did you you use a translater for your email? if not your itlaian is very very good!!! yes nonni is technelly grandparetns lol.. becuase its plural.. glad to hear you have a family!!!