Friday, July 3, 2009

Ciao Ciao

Hey Everyone!!

Well, I suppose this is my last blog, considering I only have 2 days left in Italy! It's really been a crazy 5 months...I really cant imagine coming back. I mean, it will be simple with my family and getting back into the swing of things. But everything else has kind of disappeared. It happens when you focus on something and everything else you just...acciedently forget. In my case , I focused on my parents and my brother...everything else wasnt important, only my family. It took me 3 months to remember my prnicipals name (Sorry Mr. Deville!) Now coming home, Im reflecting (AFS will be happy, thats part of their 3 step program: Listen, Discuss and Reflect....blah, blah, blah. Sorry I really do like AFS, but it can be a bit boring after awhile.) Its like suddenly , it hit me, Im a senoir, I have my license, Kyles a teenager (weird to think least our arguments will be more sophisticated now...or I hope so.) I kind of forgot that I have an actual life in California. And yet it doesnt feel like I have a real life in Italy either. Although Marianna can try and fill the mother spot, she really isnt my mom. My studying at school was a joke because I didnt understand half of the things I was supposed to be learning and I dont really have any good friends that arent Claudias friends. Not really my I have been in limbo for the last 5 months. Thats the best way to describe how I feel right now. Not really belonging to the place I am now and forgetting the home I have in California.

But now, friday evening at 5pm, I realize that in 56 hours (ok, its less with the time changes, but just pretend) Ill be in California, little memories are coming back to me. Its funny how Id forgotten how annoying it was that you couldnt stand by the fireplace without getting bombarded with tennis balls. Id forgotten that its almost impossible to find a bathroom during lunch at school (for some reason the school deems these to be hang out places for bad students. I dont really understand their logic, after all, who wants to hang next to a stinky bathroom?) Just little things, like how my parents only let Kyle and I drink soda when we had guests or ate pizza (honestly I think the restriction was made for my very hyper brother and it didnt really matter because we didnt follow it anyways.) Or how Kyle, my mom and I had a very specific routine in the morning. How Kyle would get mad if I left my straightner on his side of the bathroom or how I would yell and pound on the door when he ran over his shower time. Homw my mom is barely alive before she has had her coffee (I should brew espresso at home...that stuff is stronger and more tasty than American coffee.) Before Italy I had thought Placerville was boring. A small, but spread out town where you cant do anything. You cant walk anywhere and too quiet. But now Im ready for the peacefulness. And I have my license, which makes a difference.

Well, it has been quite a trip. Ive packed everything: a rather large purple suitcase that weighs exactly 20 kilos ( because thats all AFS would cover) and a pink carry on suitcase along with my purse packed to the brim. Ready for the exhausting 25 hour day where I take 3 flights from Rome to San Francisco.

Lastly, I wanted to tell everyone who reads this blog (bless you, you must be crazy or really, really fond of me), helped me out in the beginning and anyone who was ever just there for me: thanks and grazie. I couldnt be the person I am without this trip and you all helped.

A special thanks to my parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles. No matter where I am at family always stays with me. You were never forgotten=))

Bye, Ciao, Addio, see you in California=))

!!")($(/£Sorry for the errors....try typeing on an American keyboard with an Italian format...I push the question mark button and get an accented e....