Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Flying Time!

Well, time has passed VERY slowly, but my flight's finally here! My last day pf school is Friday, and honestly I can't wait for it.... My mom planned this family party to say goodbye to me on Sunday ( it's going to be interesting...I like planning the parties, not be the center of them), Monday I'll finish packing ( packing has been hard! I'm not too terribly materalistic, but 44 lbs for 5 months is impossible. I have to pack winter and summer things, shorts, bathing suits, ski jacket, shoes for both seasons....and little things like my glasses and host family presents. I tell you it's hard to make the decisions=)), Tuesday mom, dad and I will go to San Francisco and spend the night, then bright and early (4:30AM! I have to be at the airport at 4:30AM. And we all know how bad I am with early mornings...urgh=((. I fly out of SF at 6AM and land in New York at 3PM. After that I'll travel to the orientation hotel in NY, spend the night with the kids going to Italy (the ones who are from the US.) We fly out of NY at 7PM the next night (1/29) and head to Paris...I think we get there around 11AM on the 30th. Then we head to Rome....the US kids meet everyone from all over the world that will be doing foreign exchange in Italy...we have our orientation. Finally I get to take a train to Naples, then a train to Vico...and meet my family! I have been talking with Claudia and her mom and they sound great! It will be nice to spend time with a sister that's my age. When Melissa (my natural sister....for anyone who doesn't know...she lives in Arkansas and is 10 years older.) comes home, it's always nice to get a break from Kyle, and nice to talk to a sister. Unfortunately, those visits are only for a week or two...now I get a sister for 5 months!

Whew...I don't know what else you guys want to hear.....if you have anything specific to ask me, go ahead and comment on the blog.....I'll answer it as soon as I can. Facebook buddies, sorry but I don't think I'll be on fb that often....writing, taking pictures and this blog is really enough to handle....so comment on here!

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Michelle OIguin said...

I didn't know that we got to meet other AFS Italy kids from around the world! That is so cool! I am totally psyched!

My flight leaves from Phoenix really early too and I hate waking up in the morning. :(

I can't wait to meet everyone in NYC!