Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Pictures Update

Pic # 1: sign in Paris Airport, #2: another sign, #3: my internatinaol dinner on the flight, #4: the cabin we were in on Air France ,#5: Mail box at the Paris Aiport,#6: A picture of the story of Romulous and Remus...but we all decided that it was too racy of a picture to be in the US, so we must be in Paris. Believe it or not, it is actually an add for espresso...you can see the tiny coffee cup in her hand=)),#7: Us at the airport in Paris, #8: the toliet in our hotel room in Rome...the back of toliet is on the wall a couple of feet above the actual toliet. It's very odd.,#9: Rome, #10: Another toliet picture, #11: Kristen and Jessica looking like stupid tourists in the Paris Airport, #12 - #13: The Alps lining Italy through my window on the flight from Paris to Rome, #14 - #15: My hotel room at in Rome, #16: there's your bidet picture, #17 - #18: Rome, #19: A little puppy showed up in the hotel in Rome...he was very cute until he peed on the floor. I'm just glad it wasn't on us!, #20-#26: Rome


Mom, Dad, & Kyle said...

Hi Kaitlyn, it's Mom. I love your descriptive updates. Keep them coming! They are so descriptive, you write like you talk - rambling! It's like you are right here, almost! We miss you and love you!

Jessi said...

Hey, Kaitlyn! Your pictures are awesome!!! The Romulus and Remus picture was my favorite. That's crazy that they would use that to sell espresso! Anyway, seems like it was a good idea I told you to mention Valentino Rossi ;)! After all, he is the GOAT (Greatest Of All Time)! It's cool that you got to meet the Latvian exchange student! Nothin much happening at UM, same old, same old. Everybody says hi!
Love, Jessi

Sherie said...

Dear Kaitlyn,
Jennifer and I just got caught up on your blog.. We are so glad you are happy with your foriegn exhange family. We hope your math and german classes get better for you. We have faith in you! So you like coffee now.. Your tongue finally formed mature taste buds. Ha Ha Just felt like being silly! You take care! You never know you might change your mind about boys who become friends. Love Aunt Sherie

Tori.Sue. said...

You are truly not missing anything in AVID. Haha. I miss you and remember to bring Rachael Newton and I some hot guys. I hope your have having a GREAT experience there. It must be sooooooo beautiful. Have fun and don't forget us little people from dusty old Placerville.


- Tori Woodworth