Monday, February 2, 2009

New Update

Well, thanks mom for the update.....

New York - 1/28
I flew to New York for my first oreintation. The day was so long...I had to get up at 3AM, get to the airport in San Fran at 4AM, and take a 5 and a half hour flight to New York. At this orientation all of the AFS students from the US, who are going on the Italy, Austria or France programs, are gathering at the hotel. There were about 40 for Italy, 19 for France and 2 for Austria. This orientation was very boring! I realy didn't learn anything at all.

My big downer for the trip: I was sick. I really should have taken Airborne befoe I left, but I procraistnated and look what happened. It wasn't horrible though, I just had major sinus issues. It's not fun flying when you have to blow your nose every 5 seconds.

All of the other kids are really nice. I haven't found anyone who lives near me yet....except for a friend in Nevada City. I met her at the pre-departure orientation and it's good to hang out with her.

Paris - 1/29-1/30
The international flight we took was a lot of fun. I love Air France! We had comfy seats, diner and breakfast (both within 3 hours of each other. We left New York at 8pm, hence the dinner and arrived in Paris at 7AM - their time- so we got breakfast too!) They had about 15 movies to choose from, it was great! Everything on the plane was repeated in French first, then threw me for awhile, considering I couldn't understnad any of it!

I was thinking that I would sleep on the international flight, I had it all planned out. But I got ahold of all the movies and before I knew it the time had passed. The girl in the seat next to me was going to Italy also and she got realy excited when sh found out it was my birthday=)) We landed in Paris when it was 7AM (their time.)

Rome - 1/30 - 2/2
The oreintation in Rome was wonderful compared to the one in New York. They basically gave us some phrases in Italian and fed us. Lots and lots of food....we had 3 course meals for lunch and dinner. It was all good, and not little courses. I felt bad everytime I left food on my plate, but the waiters wouldn't listen when we told them we didn't want any more. They just waved us on saying "No, no, you eat!"

I have to go now, but I'll update again as soo as possible, and let you all know what my family and school is like. Miss you all! - Kaitlyn

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Anonymous said...

Hi Kaitlyn,

I sent you an email tonite. I think I just figured out how to comment. I am so blonde when it comes to all this blogging stuff. I love all the pics! I am jealous!!! I can't believe you have to learn German!! OMG- just start to clear your throat and you'll be ok.
We all miss you!
Aunt Mare